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About Me

6654207Salim Allawzi, a Lebanese novelist and journalist, born in the city of Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, holds a degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese University.

Started his career in journalism in 2004.

His novels “Colorful Slaughters” and “Behind Darkness” were published in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

He now resides in the USA and works as Social Media Manager for Al Hurra TV, Washington DC.


Award & Recognition

wards     Winner of Human rights journalism award –2013 (click here)

wards     Selected as one of the official bloggers for Arab Net 2012 and 2013

wards     Rated as one of the Top 20 Influential Tweep in Lebanon by 2Famous TV – 2013

wards     Social media trainer with  the Arab Institute of Human Rights Since 2011 (click here)

wards     One of the founding member of “Taakad” campaign that encourages better verification of social media news by both citizen journalists and traditional media outlets.

wards     Expert  in analysing and  media reporting  ISIS’s presence online since 2013

wards     Writer  for  two  published Arabic novel “zabaeh moulawana- 2012” and “khalf latma-2014” (click here)

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Jaafar Papers

Creating Website Jaafar Papers: a papers you can use them to smoke!! Visit: Jaafar-Papers

Creating Website Anboob: Literature and Radical Art Visit: Anboob

Social Media Training

I have trained NGOs, companies and individuals on digital media strategies, online campaigning and Internet security in Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Moro[...]

Aljadeed TV

Formerly known as Al Jadeed, a privately owned 24-hour pan-Arab TV station. Based in Beirut, it was created in 1991. Today, Al Jadeed TV is one of the most watched broadcasters in[...]

MBN - AlHurra

Social Media Manager | September 2015 - Present | Translates traditional media content into compelling digital content to maximize reach and engagement in cooperation with p[...]

El Rass

Creating Website El Rass: Mazen El Sayed A.K.A El Rass | #1 Rapper in Lebanon and Arab World Visit:

Lost Boys Tattoo Inc

Creating Website Lost Boys Tattoo Inc: The place where you PUT SOME INK Visit:

Refugee Without Borders

Creating Website Refugee Without Borders: a nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent organization working on promoting the rights of refugees. Visit:

Dar Maryam

Creating Website Dar Maryam: Home Furnishing & Decor by Maryam Ghanem | Dar Maryam presents you a collection of carved calligraphy furniture, Canvas and wall art. Visit: http[...]

Samir Kassir Foundation

Skeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom | Aug 2010 - Aug 2013 | I was in charge of the following tasks:  Webmaster  Developing the website content.  Generating dis[...]

Chi.N.N Show

A program that presents a newscast in a satirical, comedic manner | Online Producer | | November 2013 – August 2015 |

Latest Update: #Twitter Hacking @ev #رمضان #Instagram #Facebook #MarkZuckerberg #FacebookMessenger

Twitter cofounder gets his Twitter account hacked Facebook Messenger bug allowed researchers to change conversation history Twitter for Android gets a refresh You Can Now Post Directly to Instagram From Other iOS Apps Mark Zuckerberg - @finkd - lost control of both his @Twitter and @Pinterest accounts this morning! #facebook's celebrating the fasting month #رمضان LIVE on #Periscope: آخر أخبار منصات التوصال الاجتماعي .. تابعوني — Salim Allawzi (@AllawziSalim) June 9, 2016
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